Batch processing allows you to select and process labels for multiple orders quickly and easily.  This article will guide you through the basic process of batch processing orders using the Ship Orders screen.

The Process

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1. Select the orders for which you would like to batch process shipping labels.  The easiest way to select multiple orders in ShipWorks is to check the box to the left of each order you wish to select.  If you want to select all orders, press CTRL+A on your keyboard.

2. Right-click on the highlighted orders and click Ship Orders.  Or, click on the Home tab and then on the Ship Orders button.

3. Shipments for each order selected will now display in the Shipments pane of the Ship Orders screen. You now have the option to select a single shipment for which to modify the shipping details or you can select multiple orders and modify the shipment details for all of the selected orders at the same time.

Modifying Shipment Details - One Shipment at a Time

a.  Select the shipment from the Shipments pane.

b.  Then, modify the desired shipping details for the selected shipment.

Modifying Shipment Details - Multiple Shipments at the Same Time

a.  Select the shipments from the Shipping pane that you wish to modify.  You can select all of the shipments by pressing CTRL+A or you can select non contiguous shipments by holding CTRL while clicking on the shipments.

b.  Then, modify the desired shipping details for the selected shipments.  With multiple orders selected, the shipments details will be updates for all of the selected orders.

4. Once satisfied that your information is correct, click the Create Labels button to process all of the selected shipments.  You can still process a single shipment by selecting it and clicking the Create Label button.

Still Need Help?

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