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First Things First

The Process

What version are you on?

Upgrading your version of ShipWorks

Updating the ShipWorks database

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It is recommended that you upgrade ShipWorks as new versions become available. This is the best way to ensure that ShipWorks is properly integrated with your selling platforms and shipping carriers and that you have the latest features available in ShipWorks.

This article will guide you through the process of upgrading your ShipWorks software to the latest version.

First Things First

  • If you run ShipWorks on more than one computer, you will need to update the ShipWorks software on each ShipWorks workstation.  
  • Although it is not required, it is recommended that you upgrade the computer that houses the ShipWorks database first.  This is typically the first PC that you installed the ShipWorks software on.

The Process

What Version are You On and Do You Need to Upgrade?
When a new version of ShipWorks is released, there is typically a banner displayed at the top of your ShipWorks software letting you know that a new version is available.  The banner also includes a link to make it easy to download the latest version as well as a link to see what is included in the new release.

However, you can check your current version against the latest available version easily, any time. Here's how:

1.  In ShipWorks, click on the Help tab and then on the About ShipWorks button.  Make note of the version number.

2.  You can see the latest available version of ShipWorks by going to  

If you wish to upgrade, you can simply click on the Download button.  We will guide you through the upgrade process next.

In addition, you can see what is included in the current release and the ShipWorks update history by clicking on the Release History link.

Upgrading Your Version of ShipWorks

1.  On the PC that houses the ShipWorks database (most likely the PC you first installed ShipWorks on), download the latest version of the ShipWorks software by:

  • Clicking on the Download Now link in the update banner at the top of the ShipWorks software.  Then, click the green Download button.

2.  After clicking the Download button, we will automatically detect which Internet browser you are using to download the software and display instructions for you.  Follow the on-screen instructions to launch the ShipWorks installer.

3.  If prompted with a User Access Control warning, click Yes to allow the ShipWorks Installer to launch.

4.  Accept the License Agreement.  Then, click Next.

5.  Verify that the Destination Location is correct.  ShipWorks will default to C:\Program Files\ShipWorks.  In most cases you can leave the default location and click Next.  

If you do have ShipWorks installed in a different location on your computer, Browse... to that location.  Then, click Next.

You may be prompted that your ShipWorks database needs to be updated.  If so, click the OK button to continue with the installation.

6.  Select the Start Menu Location and click Next.  In most cases you can leave the default location.

7.  Specify whether or not you would like a desktop icon created.  Then, click Next.

8.  Click the Install button to install ShipWorks.

9.  Click the Finish button once the installation is complete.  ShipWorks will automatically launch for you.

Updating the ShipWorks Database

If a ShipWorks database is required, you will be prompted with the Database Update Required screen.  Follow the below steps to complete the database update.  These steps will only need to be completed on the computer running the ShipWorks database.

1.  On the Database Update Required screen, click the Next button.

2.  While it is not required, we recommend that you backup your ShipWorks database prior to completing the update. just to be safe.  Click the Backup button.

3.  Click the Browse button and navigate to the location to which you would like to save your ShipWorks backup file.  Give your backup a name and then click the Save button.

4.  Click the Backup button to begin backing up your ShipWorks database.

5.  Click OK once the database backup is complete.  Then, click the Next button.

6.  Click the Next button to begin the database update.

7.  Click OK once the update is complete.  Then, click the Finish button.  The ShipWorks application will launch.

Your ShipWorks software is now updated.  Don't forget to upgrade any additional computers that are running ShipWorks.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.