The Process
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This article will guide you through how to create a filter that will collect UPS orders that have been shipped using ShipWorks throughout a given day.  Then, automatically clear itself out for the next day.  This may prove useful if you need to keep track of the number of shipments you process using UPS on a given day or if you need to print reports against the UPS orders that you processed.

The Process

1.  Click on the Manage tab and then the Filters button.

2.  On the Filter Organizer screen, click on the New Filter button.

The Name and Location Screen

3.  On the Name and Location screen, enter a name for your filter into the Filter Name field.

4.  Also on the Name and Location screen, you can specify where you would like the filter to be placed in the list of filters in the Filters panel.  In this example we are going to place the new filter at the top of the filters list.

6.  Click the Next button.

Adding the Filter Conditions

Next, let's tell the filter what orders we are looking for.  We will do this by adding conditions to the filter.  We are going to add 2 conditions:

a.  All shipments must have been shipped with UPS.

b.  All shipments were processed today.

7.   Click on the Add Condition button.  It is the green button near the top of the window.  

8.  You will have a line that reads Order Total Equals $0.00.  We will need to modify this line so that the filter is looking at the shipments associated to the orders in ShipWorks.   To do this click on the blue words Order Total and select  For any > Shipment.

9. You should now have a line that reads For any shipment in the order....  Click on the Add Condition button located under that line.

10.  You now have a line that says Provider Equals None.  Let's tell the filter that we only wish to see orders with shipments that were processed by UPS.  To do this click on the drop-down menu next to None and select UPS.

11. Click the second Add Condition button again to add another condition.

12.  You should have a second line that reads Provider Equals None.  We need to tell ShipWorks that we only wish to see orders that were processed 'today'.  

12a.  Click on the blue word Provider and select  Processed Date.

12b.  Click on the green word Equals and select Is Today.

Note:  What's great about selecting Is Today is that tomorrow, when you start your day again, the filter will have already reset itself for you.


13.  Click Next.

14.  Click Finish.

You now have a UPS End of Day filter in your Filters panel.  The blue number in parenthesis to the right of the filter name tells you the current number of UPS shipments you have processed today.

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