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Adding Your Existing Account to ShipWorks
Additional Configuration Screens
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You can easily configure an existing account and even sign up for a brand new account from within ShipWorks.

When you use USPS for shipping in ShipWorks, postage is processed using a account. If you don't yet have a account, no problem! You can sign up for a new account from within ShipWorks. It takes just a few short minutes to sign up and configure your account in ShipWorks, and then you are ready to print postage-paid labels. You can have more than one account, too.

Of course, you can also add your existing account to ShipWorks. 

Note: If you have a special discounted rate agreement with USPS, you'll want to contact directly before you complete this process. Your rep can help you get your account set up properly in ShipWorks.

Signing Up for a New Account

1. Open ShipWorks, go to the Manage tab, and click Shipping Settings.

2. On the Shipping Setting screen, select USPS from the list of providers located on the left side if the screen.

3.  If this is a new installation of ShipWorks, click the Setup button. 

If you have previously set up another account in ShipWorks, you won't see a Setup button.  Just click the Add button to sign up for another account.  Either way, after this, you go to the same step 4.

Adding an existing account to ShipWorks?  Continue to step 4 here.

4. Select "Create a new account for use with ShipWorks." and then click Next.  (If you like, you can click the "special offers" to read about the gifts you will receive as a new ShipWorks customer. After you sign up, you'll get an e-mail telling you how to get your gifts).  

5. Enter the information as prompted on the screen and check the box indicating you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

6.  Click the Next button.

7. Provide login information for your new account, and click Next.

8.  Click the Next button.


9.  Enter your credit card information for payment of your new account. This credit card will be charged by monthly. This credit card is not at all associated with the billing of any ShipWorks services.  If you have questions about payment to, you may call Customer Care at 1-888-434-0055.

10.  Click the Next button.


11.  Your account is now active and you can Buy Postage or visit to review your account settings. If you click Buy Postage now to purchase at least $10.00 in postage, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase.  You can then begin processing your USPS labels in ShipWorks!

NOTE:  In ShipWorks, your account is listed as simply USPS on all other screens.  For example, when selecting a shipping provider, you will select USPS.

Click here to view information on the remaining setup screens available to you when adding a account to ShipWorks.

Adding Your Existing Account to ShipWorks


Please follow steps 1 through 3 here.  Then, return to step 4 below.

4.  Select the option for Use an existing account.

5.  Click Next.

6.  Enter the name and address associated to your account.

7.  Click Next.

8.  Enter your account username and password.

9.  Click Next.

10.  Details of your account will be shown including your username, rate type and current account balance.  You can buy more postage or sign into your online account from this screen as well.  When your are sure everything looks correct, click Next.

Click here to view information on the remaining setup screens available to you when adding a account to ShipWorks.

Additional Configuration Screens

 1.  The Origin Address screen allows you to add additional origin addresses for easy selection when shipping.  If you only ship from one origin address, simply click Next.  If you do need to add additional origin addresses, click on the New button and enter the address information into the appropriate fields.
Note:  The description field when adding an address is used to name each address so that you know which address is which when selecting the addresses from a list. 

When you are finished entering your origin addresses, click OK.

2.  The Shipment Defaults screen allows you to set your base defaults for (These are the most commonly used shipping settings that you use when shipping with USPS.)  You can also set up more complex shipping rules on this screen, but this is outside the scope of this article.  For more information on shipping rules, check out this article.

To set your base defaults:

a.  Click on the blue link Defaults - USPS (

b.  On the Shipping Profile screen, set any options that you use most commonly when shipping with USPS.  Once you have set your base defaults, click OK.

3.  The Printing Setup screen allows you to setup how ShipWorks prints and to what printer(s) labels are sent to.  We recommend leaving the rules alone (leave the default settings) and just click Next.  However, if you need more information on how to set up printing, please see this tutorial.

4.  The Processing Setup screen allows for you to add and configure an email address in ShipWorks, set automatic email notifications for USPS, and to tell ShipWorks to what status the order should be set when processing or voiding a label.  For the Local Status settings, we recommend leaving the defaults.  For more information on how to configuring an email address and setting up shipment notification emails, you may be interested in the following articles.

Adding Your E-mail Address

Configuring Automatic Email Notifications

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