The Shipping Panel
Enabling the Shipping Panel
The Parts of the Shipping Panel
The Rates Panel
Applying Shipping Profiles
Creating the Shipping Label
Loading the Ship Orders Screen
Voiding a Shipment or Creating a Return Label
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This document will walk you through using the Shipping Panel, Rates Panel and Shipping Ribbon features which are available with ShipWorks version 5.2 or higher.

The Shipping Panel is a simplified method available to process orders that only need a single shipment with typical shipping options.

Please note that the ShipWorks Ship Orders dialog continues to provide all advanced shipping configurations that may not be available in the Shipping Panel, as well as the ability to process large batches of shipments. Take a look as the help document here for more details about creating labels using the Ship Orders dialog.

The Shipping Panel

By default, when you select an order, the Shipping Ribbon buttons will display and the Shipping Panel will populate with the selected order's information. If you do not see the Shipping Ribbon buttons you may need to click on the Shipping button in the Ribbon navigation.

Enabling the Shipping Panel

If you've accidentally disabled or can not see the Shipping or Rates Panel, click View > Show Panels > Shipping (or Rates). Or you may wish to Reset the ShipWorks Panels to their default layout.

Parts of the Shipping Panel

The Shipping Panel includes the most commonly used features of the full featured Ship Orders dialog, including:

Provider Selection:

From Address:

To Address:

Shipment Details:

and, as necessary, 


The Rates Panel

The Rates Panel will show all rates for the selected provider and shipment options chosen. If you update options chosen in the Shipping Panel the values in the Rates Panel will update accordingly. Select and highlight a service listed in the Rates Panel to automatically choose that service and its options in the Shipping Panel.

If the Rates panel is not visible in ShipWorks, you can make it visible again by clicking on the View tab, then click on the Show Panels button and then select Rates.

Applying Shipping Profiles

The Shipping Ribbon has buttons to Manage Shipping profiles and Apply a shipping profile to the current shipment in the Shipping Panel.

Creating the Label

Once all selections are finalized, click the Create Label button at the bottom of the Shipping Panel or in the Shipping Ribbon to finish creating your shipment.

Loading the Ship Orders Screen

In the event that the Shipping Panel doesn't provide all of the options you need for the particular shipment you're working on, select the Click here link, under the Create Label button.

Voiding or Creating a Return Label

After creating your shipment, the Shipping Ribbon provides buttons to quickly VoidReturn (create a return label), Reprint, or Ship Again.

For detailed information on how to void a label, please see this article.

For detailed information on how to create a return shipping label, please click here.

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