You can easily automate the printing of ShipWorks packing slips or invoices using a shipping provider's Printing Output Rules within ShipWorks.  This can be useful when you wish to ensure that labels and packing slips or invoices print in sequence for the same order when batch processing labels.

This article will guide you through creating a Printing Output Rule that will automate ShipWorks to print an order's label then packing slip or invoice sequentially.

First Things First

This articles assumes that you are logged into ShipWorks as a user with administrator rights.

If you already have a ShipWorks action configured to print your packing slips or invoices automatically when a label is processed, you may wish to disable this action so that multiple packing slips or invoices are not automatically printed for each order.  To do so, click on Manage > Actions.  Locate the action that controls the printing of your packing slips or invoices and uncheck the box to the left of the action.  Then, click Close.

The Process

For this example we will create the Print Rule for USPS.  The process is the same for all shipping providers.

1.  Click on the Manage tab and then on the Shipping Settings button.

3.  Click on USPS (or the provider you need to configure) from the list of shipping providers on the left side of the Shipping Settings screen.

4.  Select the Printing tab.

5.  Click on the Add Group button.  Give the Group a name, like Print Packing Slip / Invoice.  Then, click OK.

6.  You will now see a new Printing Group.  In the new group, click on the blue link If the shipment is in and change it to Always.

7.  Click the drop-down menu after print with and select the packing slip or invoice template you wish to automatically print when you process a shipping label.

Your Output Rule should now look like this:

8.  Click the Close button.  You may be prompted to select the printer to which you would like the packing slip or invoice to print.  If so, select the printer and click OK.

That's it.  From now on, when you process a shipping label or when you are batch processing labels, ShipWorks will print the shipping label and then the invoice or packing slip sequentially for a single order and then repeat the process for each subsequent processed shipment when batch processing.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.