ShipWorks version 5.18 or later allows you to combine two or more orders into a single combined order, making it easy to ship multiple orders to the same address.  This article will guide you through how to combine orders in ShipWorks.

First Things First

Before you can start combining orders in ShipWorks, there are a couple things that you need to have in place:

  • You will need to be on ShipWorks version 5.18 or later.  You can easily see what version of ShipWorks you are running by clicking on the Help tab and then on the About ShipWorks button.  If you need assistance with upgrading your version of ShipWorks, please see this article.
  • You need to be logged into ShipWorks as a user with rights to edit orders.

Things to Know

So, when might it be useful for you to combine orders?  Well, besides being able to combine multiple orders with the same shipping address into a single order, it may be useful to combine orders when:

  • A customer places more than one order with you, and the orders each have a different address (maybe a home address on one and a work address on the other).  You could combine the orders and ship both orders to the address your customer requests.
  • A customer places more than one order with you then realizes that if the orders were combined that the order would qualify for free shipping.  The customer reaches out and asks you to combine them.
  • You want to save money on shipping.  Perhaps a customer places two separate orders, each weighing 25 pounds.  It may be less costly to ship one 50 pound package than two 25 pound packages.

The Process

Let's use the example that the customer placed two orders with separate addresses.  She then reached out and asked that both orders be shipped to her home address.  We will combine the orders and ensure that the combined order has her home address as the shipping address.

1.  Select the orders that you wish to combine into a single order by checking the checkbox to the left of each order on the main orders grid.  You can select from two orders up to a maximum of 25 orders to combine.

2.  To combine the orders you can either:

  • Right click on the selected orders and select Combine Orders.
  • Click on the Home tab and then on the Combine button.


3.  The Combine Orders window will display.  Let's take a look at the options available to you.

a.  The New Order Number will be displayed for you.  By default, the order number will be the order number of the order selected as the base order followed by -C to indicate that this is a combined order.  However, you have the option of changing -C if you wish.

b.  You can select which order will be the order from which the combined order will be based by clicking on it.  The selected order's address is displayed for you and will become the shipping address of the combined order.  If there is a discrepancy among the addresses for the orders being combined, a message will be displayed. 

In this example, we have selected the second order, 11341687, and the address for this order is displayed.  The Combined Orders window displays a message letting us know that the addresses for both orders do not match.  In this case that's OK because we already know the addresses are different.  However, you could cancel the combined orders and review the addresses if you needed to. 

4.  Click the Confirm Combine button to combine the orders.

5.  Once the orders have been successfully combined, a dialog box will display with the details of the combined orders.  Click OK to confirm.  ShipWorks will automatically display and select the combined order for you.

You can now ship the combined order the same way that you would any other order in ShipWorks.


Q:  What happens to the original orders when I combine them in ShipWorks.

A:  When you combine orders in ShipWorks, the original orders are deleted and their order details are combined into the newly combined order.

Q:  What from the selected orders gets combined into the newly combined order?

A:  Items from the combined orders, Notes from the combined orders, Order Charges from the combined orders (such as sales tax),  and the Address of the selected base order becomes the address for the combined order.

Q:  Can I see details of the combined order in the Audit log?

A:  Yes.  The audit log for the combined order will show that it is a combined order, the user that combined the orders, the date and time it was combined and the combined order number.

Q:  Can I uncombine the orders once they have been combined?

A:  No.

Q:  When can orders not be combined?

A:  Orders will not be able to be combined when:

  • Less than 2 orders have been selected.
  • More than 25 orders have been selected.
  • The selected orders originate from different stores in ShipWorks.
  • Any of the selected orders have been processed.
  • Any of the selected orders are eBay Global Shipping Program orders.
  • Any of the selected orders are fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Any of the selected orders are marked as Amazon Prime.
  • The user logged into ShipWorks does not have permission to edit orders.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.